Margo Williams is a devoted wife and mother who loves the Lord. She is a woman who describes herself as being independent, spunky and passionate about life. Presently, Margo will think about her  younger years and laugh as she thinks about God’s sense of humor. She says she was often criticized and ridiculed for having a different perspective than her peers, family and friends, so she learned to be quiet and observant. As a result of growing in her faith, she gained the assurance to speak the truth without reservation recognizing that God was speaking through her. Today, Margo has 30 years of public speaking experience, teaching biblical principles to other business owners across the nation. Looking back, Margo realizes that God used their business platform to validate the importance of her words to the masses.

Margo’s desire for God’s investment of her life is to produce a significant return of souls living for Christ on earth. Whether she is teaching, counseling, praying, writing or preaching, Margo has a single focus in mind:present the gospel as the Truth, with relevant simplicity and godly grace. Margo was saved at nine years old and spent her teen and college years as a “lukewarm” believer; not fully surrendered to the leading of Holy Spirit. During this time she describes her inability to gain peace which underscored her decisions in life. In God’s hands, shortly after marrying she rededicated her life to the Lord, and began a quest to truly “know Him and make Him known” to others. Due to her inconsistent walk with Christ while she was younger, she feels especially drawn to minister to believers who are seeking deliverance, healing, hope, peace through the word of God.

Margo’s personal ministry consists of preaching, counseling, writing and teaching bible studies, Prison Ministry, small group facilitation, curriculum writing and global missions. She believes that God called her to the Nations, thus she enjoys ministering to people – young, old, male, female – all races. A licensed and ordained minister, Margo is a graduate of Columbia International University Seminary and School of Missions, where she earned a Master’s of Divinity in Christian Education. She is currently a middle school teacher and is pursuing a Masters of Arts in Professional Counseling in order to become a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). Margo and her husband Lee have been married for 29 years and they have two adult children.

Rev. Margo