Welcome to The Well, a place of healing, peace and refreshment.

The prophet Isaiah says, “Therefore with joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation (12:3).”  Isaiah passionately proclaimed that God was the source of his salvation, his comfort and object of his faith. In essence, Isaiah had come to know the Lord for himself. His knowledge was based on a history, or experience with God. Isaiah didn’t have a knowing about God, instead, he knew God. Can you say that you know Him?  In the same way that Isaiah had a testimony of the goodness of the Lord in his life, we must come to know the same Lord for ourselves. It is a necessity that we spend time with God in order to develop an intimate relationship with Him.

This blog is designed to be a place where you can learn and build upon what you already know about God. The posts are intentionally formatted by taking the scripture and connecting it to our daily lives, so that you will encounter a deeper and more meaningful walk.  As you read, study and pray, the Lord will provide opportunities for you to “draw from the well” and put into action what you have been learning.  Many today are looking for someone to pour fresh water on the dry places in their lives.

Writing a blog was not a desire of mine but I was consistently urged to do so by a few sisters in the Lord who received a weekly email of encouragement from me. Finally, one Sunday during praise and worship Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, “Begin to blog” so this is now an act of obedience to the Lord. Thank you for traveling this journey with me.

Min. Margo